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Health Trails Challenge: February 14 - March 27

Remember....to earn 40 points towards your 2017-2018 wellness incentive from completing the Health Trails challenge, you must have earned 300 miles AND reported your activities by Friday, March 31 on the StayWell Portal.

Wellness Incentives 

Wellness Incentive for 2016-2017 

To start earning your 2016-2017 wellness incentive on a prospective basis you will need to complete a Health Assessment and a Tobacco-Free Activity on the StayWell Portal. You will also need to complete a Biometric Screening.

Wellness Incentive for 2017-2018

Once you earn your 2016-2017 wellness incentive, all you need to do to earn the 2017-2018 incentive (PDF) is to earn additional points in the Rewarding Activities category on the StayWell Portal by May 31, 2017.

Contact the StayWell Help Desk at 1-877-678-8926 for assistance with the StayWell Portal. 

Biometric Screening Clinics

Visit the Be Well Program page for a list of Biometric Screening clinics in 2017.

Additional Information 
Find answers to some common questions you may have about the wellness incentive.
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