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MCDOT Surveying

MCDOT survey data provides information regarding survey control monuments, Public Lands Survey System (PLSS) monuments, rights-of-way as it pertains to Maricopa County's roadways and survey monuments found & set during the course of surveying County roads. The survey data typically includes:

  1. MCDOT Surveyed control monuments
  2. Metadata related to any monuments set and found by MCDOT
  3. Right of Way Information
  4. As-Built Information
  5. Survey records (by MCDOT & private firms) related to MCDOT projects, PLSS surveys and nearby properties

MCDOT maintains and provides public access to survey data to the public through applications on our website. These applications are:

  • Land Survey Points:
    This map is a GIS application with information based on the MCDOT Geodetic Densification and Cadastral Survey (GDACS) project. MCDOT is resurveying and reestablished nearly 10,000 section and quarter section corners throughout the county. For more information regarding the GDACS project please contact Brian Dalager RLS. In addition, MCDOT incorporates monuments surveyed during the course of roadway improvement and design into the Interactive map as well as metadata associated with those monuments.
  • The Plat Index:
    This site contains a database of plats and surveys recorded in Maricopa County as well as a significant number of non-recorded surveys and documents with the ability to query them by Township, Range and Section.
  • Corner Tie/Records Index:
    This site contains a vast majority of the Corner Tie Records filed at the Maricopa Recorder’s Office in addition to old APS, MCDOT and SRP index cards used to reference public land corners. This database can also be queried by Township, Range and Section and Section corner down to the sixteenth corner level. Corner records can also be found in the interactive map.

Additionally, MCDOT Surveying provides links to useful survey websites, local survey firm geneaology, historic maps, and other survey information useful for the public

Contact Jerry Shultz if you are interested in survey information for a particular area or street.  Please include the following information:

  1. The particular road you are seeking information on and from which road to which road
  2. The Township, Range and Section(s)
  3. All of your contact information

Contact Info

Brian Dalager PLS CFedS
Land Survey Branch Manager
Office: 602-506-4685

Jerry Shultz
Survey Technician
Office: 602-506-4180

Jesse Hunter PLS CFedS
Professional Land Surveyor
Office: 602-506-8670

Gregg Hunter PLS CFedS
Professional Land Surveyor
Office: 602-506-4679

John Ashley, PLS
Professional Land Surveyor
Office: 602-506-8647