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MCDOT Traffic Counts

Please take a few moments to view the instructions to the right on how to read the counts. You can also download the listing as a single document.

Major streets are marked via the map below. However, if you don't find the intersection marked, please check the full alphabetical listings.

Alphabetical Listing

Numerical Streets

Traffic Counts Map

Reading the Counts

Area closeups include red dots identifying many, but not all, intersections counted with the corresponding count data below.

On Road Direction Ref Road Travel
Aguila Rd E Eagle Eye Rd B
2008 AM
2008 AM
2008 PM
2008 PM
47 1000 17 1630 4

Traffic counts represent a 24 hour Average Daily Traffic Count (ADT).
(Example: The count shown above was taken on Aguila Rd, east of Eagle Eye Rd.)

Direction indicates traffic flow for count.

  • B = Both directions
  • N, S, E, or W = Count direction of North, South, East, or West.

AM/PM indicate time and volume during morning and evening where traffic was heaviest.
(Example: For the Aguila Rd count above, peak AM time in both directions was 10:00 AM and total traffic volume was 17 vehicles.)

If no count is taken the following code will be used to indicate the reason:

  • A = Annexed
  • C = Construction