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Transportation System Plan 2035

Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) plans, designs, builds, maintains, and operates roadways within unincorporated Maricopa County. The Transportation System Plan (TSP) analyzes and tracks current and future needs for the MCDOT Roadway System.

The TSP was last updated in 2007. It is now being updated to project roadway improvement needs through the year 2035. The new TSP efforts account for population and employment growth and will identify potential roadway improvement needs on existing MCDOT owned and/or operated roadways.

To learn more about the TSP 2035, click on the tabs to the right (or at the bottom on mobile devices). Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Milestone Schedule
PHASE I: Research & Data Collection Spring 2015
Public Input Meetings Complete
PHASE II: Plan Development June 2016
Public Input Meetings April - May 2016
PHASE III: Plan Adoption December 2016
Draft Final Report August 2016
Transportation Advisory Board Recommendation August 2016
Board of Supervisors Adoption December 2016

Dates are approximate.