Air Quality Status and Monitoring

Air Quality Status Map 

This map displays the NowCast AQI values, which are short-term air pollution averages (one-hour) that can reflect changing air quality conditions. The NowCast AQI uses the same color and scale as the AQI and can provide a rough estimate of how hour-to-hour pollution levels compare to 8-hour or 24-hour EPA health standards. NowCast AQI values change rapidly and should not be confused with official daily air pollution averages. These changing values can be used to help determine if the current hour is a good time for outdoor activities.

Map Navigation Guide

Each of the top left drop-down menus operate and can be searched independently. Below is how each drop-down menu functions:

Layers – Select an option to view a map layer (AQI, pollutant, or wind speed/direction). 

Sites – Select an option to open a pop-up window with details about a monitor location and historical concentration data.

Links – Select an option to download current, 5-min, or trend data reports for all monitor sites. 

Hover over any monitor symbol on the map to reveal site monitor location and pollutant overview information. Select the monitor symbol to view a pop-up with details about the monitor and to download historical concentration data. 

The Data time indicator on the top right is the date and time of when the last monitoring data were received. 

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AQ Status Map

*The data posted in this map are preliminary and have not been verified through the quality assurance validation process.

Planning Area Maps

View our interactive Planning Area Map to see:

  • Particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter (PM10) nonattainment area
  • Ozone nonattainment area
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) maintenance area
  • Area A
  • County boundaries
  • Townships, ranges, and sections

Monitoring Data

The division offers enhanced data from the monitoring network to include:

  • Air quality index ratings
  • Five-minute updates for PM10 , PM2.5, and hourly updates for remaining criteria pollutants
  • Average daily data reports
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AirNow - National Ambient Air Quality Data

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Rapid Response Notification System

You can help to maintain compliance with air quality standards by signing up for notification of a Rapid Response event. When dust pollution levels begin to rise, the Air Quality department will send you a message notifying you of where the pollution hot spot is and what steps you will need to do to help prevent an exceedance of the health standard. For more information, view the Rapid Response Notifications page.

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