Year 2


Schools that successfully complete Year 1 are invited to participate in Year 2 of the Healthy Schools Network Program. During the second year, participating schools will implement their action plans developed in Year 1. This process is known as the School Health Implementation Plan (SHIP).

Year 2 Checklist

Due Date

Orientation with Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH)
September 30, 2019

Complete and submit an Action Plan Timeline to MCDPH
November 4, 2019

Send invoice to MCDPH for $2,500 (action plan timeline must be complete)

Check-in #1
November 4, 2019

Check-in #2
February 17, 2020

End of year evaluation and Check-in #3
April 30, 2020

*Use the links listed below to complete checklist activities. 

  1. Timeline for Implementation
  2. Check-In Report
  3. Additional Templates

Action Plan Timeline

Using your action plans developed in year one you will create a timeline. More information is provided during orientation. If you are looking for your action plans from last year or need assistance developing your timeline contact us! Once your timeline has been submitted, your MCDPH staff partner will contact you either to tell you that we have reviewed and approved your timeline, or to clarify any questions that we may have about your plan.