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As Benjamin Franklin said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By taking a few minutes now to get acquainted with the EDR system and its requirements, you’ll save yourself days of delay time!

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Electronic Document Review - Guides, Tutorials & Application Packets

Helpful EDR Quick-Start Guides

Electronic Document Review - Document Preparation

Document Preparation

Learn the key requirements that all documents must meet in the Document Preparation Tip Sheet. NEW - check documents with PDF Scout at https://scout.eplansoftreview.com/#!/scout

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Electronic Document Review - Application Types

Application Types

Know how to choose which application type fits your project.

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Electronic Document Review - Causes of Delay or Rejection

Causes of Delay
or Rejection

See some of the common pitfalls that can affect your submission.

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Electronic Document Review - Seven Steps

7 Steps to Submitting
an EDR Application

Understand what is required at each step of the initial application process.

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Electronic Document Review - After Submission

After Submission:
What’s Next?

Now that you have completed the seven steps, learn how your application will be processed.

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Detailed Guides & Application Packets

Video Tutorials

Electronic Document Review - Video

These brief videos will walk you through the submission process, resubmittals, and the document requirements for EDR.

Web-Based Training

We are excited to announce web-based training for EDR users!

Training will be held every Tuesday at 10:00 am through GoToMeeting. This training is web-based only and is not offered in the offices of Planning and Development. Because there is a size limit on the group that can attend, pre-registration is required. If you are interested in joining, please email pdcustomerservice@mail.maricopa.gov with "EDR Customer Training" in the Subject line. We will extend the invitation to you on the Tuesday you indicate in your email.

Your email needs to be sent by the end of the Monday preceding the training.

Please join us if you have any questions on any aspect of the EDR process!

Electronic Document Review - Web-Based Training
Electronic Document Review - Help

Need Help?

If you can't determine which application type best fits your project or you have questions about EDR, don't hesitate to call our main line at 602-506-3301 or email our Customer Service staff at pdcustomerservice@mail.maricopa.gov.