Community Health Innovation Projects

Current internship projects for the Office of Community Health Innovation are listed below as they become available. If you are interested in any of these projects, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Sign up through the Internship application
  2. Contact María Ballón directly by email or phone (480) 313-6176 and let her know which project you are interested in. 
  1. Communications Intern
  2. Research Project

Deadline to Apply: May 30, 2019

Overview of a Community Health Worker (CHW):

  • Please review the video A Day in the Life of a Promotora to get a better idea of the role of a CHW/promotora in the community. This video is an example of how CHWs, support groups, and doctors work with cancer patients at a hospital in Oakland, CA to improve patient outcomes. 
  • Our overall collaborative goal among senior Housing and Urban Development (HUD) service coordinators, community partners and CHWs is to increase resident participation in physical activities, nutrition education, emotional and mental health workshops, and activities that promote socializing among residents. We foster resident participation through the establishment of health committees and create long term strategies for a sustainable culture of health within the community. Expanding these services to family housing sites represents a whole set of new challenges and the need to identify best practices for servicing this specific population.

Project Goal:

The goal is to create a media library that documents our community health initiatives, with the purpose of developing a cloud archive to educate the public about the effectiveness of CHWs in health promotion.

High Level Requirements:

  • Using your own mode of transportation and attending events where CHWs are present, to document the community health worker in action.
  • The intern will be expected to use their own equipment for photography, videography, interviews, and press releases.

Focus activities: Health Committees, health fairs, community engagement events, trainings, farmers’ markets, Sr. community centers, schools, and public housing.


  • Schedule events to attend
  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins
    • Written reflection reports
  • Interview a CHW and Community Member
    • Open-ended questions
    • Press release
  • Final project presentation to staff

Parties Involved:

  • Community Health Workers
  • Health Educators
  • HUD housing coordinators
  • Community Health Development (CHD) coordinator and supervisor

Intern interview 

I. Develop a PowerPoint presentation on the following topics

  • Before this interaction, what did you know about Community Health Workers?
  • What are Community Health Workers?
    • The importance of their role in the community
    • What makes them so effective?
  • In your opinion why is it important to showcase the work of CHWs?
  • In your perspective, what would be an effective way to increase exposure of CHW’s impact in the community?

II. Develop an infographic to distribute after presentation to staff using information gathered and CHD photo library.

For more information about this project, complete the internship application at or contact María Ballón at Maria.Ballon@Maricopa.Gov or 480-313-6176 before Thursday, May 30, 2019.