Mental Health

  1. Mental Health
  2. Medication Assisted Treatment
  3. Substance Abuse

Correctional Health Services (CHS) Mental Health Service offers a full continuum of care from intake through release. Individuals entering the jail receive an initial integrated health screening which identifies mental health needs and/or suicidal ideation.

Providing For Acute & Ongoing Mental Health

To provide for the needs of individuals with acute and ongoing mental health needs, each jail has a clinic with assigned Mental Health staff and a psychiatric provider. Individual, group and specialized mental health treatment/programs are available to individuals according to their level of need.

Mental Health Housing Units

In the event that an individual is not stable for general population housing, they are sent to one of the Mental Health Housing Units (MHU) at the Lower Buckeye Jail. The MHU has a male and female acute admission unit, as well as sub-acute and step down treatment units for individuals preparing to return to general population housing.

Collaboration & Communication With Community Providers

Via the jail data link, CHS can identify individuals who are designated Seriously Mentally Ill and are registered with the Regional Behavioral Health Authority that covers Maricopa County and Central Arizona residents.

CHS endeavors to communicate with existing community behavioral health providers at the earliest opportunity to effect continuity of care, including current medications and to provide community transition planning to assist individuals with significant mental health needs as they prepare to return to the community.

Additional information can be found at Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration