2022 Redistricting Information

State law requires the Board of Supervisors to redistrict after each decennial census. Due to the Census delay, lawmakers passed SB1107, which extended the deadline to approve district changes to July 1, 2022. Because Supervisor District lines match Special Health Care and Community College Districts, changes made to Supervisor boundaries will be the same for these two special districts. 

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Historic Supervisorial District Boundaries

Redistricting is required every decade following the Census.  For perspective, it may be helpful to review previous supervisorial boundaries.

2002 Supervisorial Districts With 2008 Voting Precincts2012 Supervisorial Districts With 2018 Voting Precincts 


2022 SUPErvisorial District Boundary CHANGE Methodology

  1. Districts shall comply with the United States Constitution and the United States voting rights act.
  2. Districts shall be drawn with a goal of not more than a five-per-cent difference in population and in no event with more than a 10% difference in population, as required by A.R.S. 11-212. View redistricting draft plan demographics.
  3. Districts shall be geographically compact and contiguous to the extent practicable.
  4. District boundaries shall respect communities of interest to the extent practicable.
  5. To the extent practicable, district lines shall use visible geographic features, city and town boundaries, and undivided census tracts.

Draft Maps

Draft Boundaries

In accordance with a March 9, 2022 Board resolution, the Elections Department and Board consultants prepared five draft redistricting maps for consideration. The Board of Supervisors is requesting public comment on those maps.

There will be a public hearing on June 20, 2022 to discuss the Board’s redistricting methodology and initial public feedback.  Residents will be able to comment during that meeting, or they can do so now using the form below.  A final map will be approved on or prior to the July 1, 2022 deadline. View redistricting draft plan demographics.

Public Comment

All public comments will be taken into consideration before a final map is selected.