New Hope Partners

Check out some of our amazing New Hope partners who are equally dedicated to helping shelter animals find the homes they deserve!


If you're a New Hope partner and would like to be featured on this page, please email with permission to include your rescue in this listing. 

Interested in becoming a New Hope Partner? Please see our New Hope Program page for more information.

Save more, fund more!

Did you know… there are unrestricted funds available to MCACC New Hope Partners? New Hope Partners are eligible for additional funding directly from MCACC as well as from two of generous MCACC supporters. And the best news is, none of these funding streams negate one another! So please help MCACC spread the word to share unrestricted financial support for collaborative animal welfare organizations that assist Maricopa County’s homeless animals! Here are the three programs:

1. MCACC New Hope Program Funding – In late 2022, MCACC piloted a funding program to help move MCACC shelter animals into New Hope Partner care. We built on that success and have increased funding per each eligible transferred animal. Current program basics:

  1. All MCACC shelter animals with a length of stay of 60 days or more qualify for $500 in funding
  2. Selected animals must be picked up within 24 hours of transfer confirmation (or immediately after surgery when applicable)
  3. Funding is provided via check approximately bimonthly based on activity

2. Two Pups Wellness Fund & Community Canine Project - Project Go helps any eligible dog that has a length of stay of more than 21 days. Email to take advantage of this opportunity. Your 501©3 organization does not need to be a New Hope partner to receive this funding.

3. PACC911 – For those New Hope Partners who are also a PACC911 member, you may be eligible for funding! Check out their Critical Care Program. Your 501©3 organization does not need to be a New Hope partner to receive this funding.

MCACC knows that animal homelessness is a community issue that requires community support. We appreciate every animal welfare organization’s efforts and collaboration that assist in our efforts in addressing Maricopa County’s homeless animals.